Why Choose Us?

The 3 Questions You Need To Ask

Tree Lopping is a dangerous job, and is not something to be undertaken by non-professionals. Each year, many people are injured or even killed trying to prune or remove trees in their own yard.

The Tree Services Industry currently has no regulatory body monitoring providers. This means that anyone with a chainsaw in their garage can have the bright idea to call themselves a Tree Lopper. Unfortunately for you as the consumer, these “entrepreneurs” often have no insurance, no qualifications, and no knowledge of the law. This can end up costing you.

1. Is your Tree Service Provider Insured?

Did you know that if a worker is hurt on your property, and the company does not have adequate insurance that you as the homeowner could be sued? Or that a falling branch can cause many thousands of dollars in damages? Make sure the company you choose to work for you is fully insured, and ask for a copy of their Insurance Policies.

Greenstate Tree Services is fully insured, and provides a copy on request. We welcome you to call our Insurers and check our policy is current, as there have been incidents of forged documents by disreputable operators. These are even able to be viewed on our website on the “Download Centre” page. Please contact us for the password.

 2. Is The Work Legal?

Did you know that you as the homeowner can be given an on-the-spot Fine, or even taken to Court if the Tree Works being carried out on your property are not in accordance with the Law? Every Local Council has different laws governing what works can and cannot be carried out. In many cases, even pruning a tree in your yard can require Council Approval.

Greenstate Tree Services have the knowledge to advise you whether your job can be legally done without council approval, and if approval is necessary we have the documents you will need and can assist you to get that approval. You can find a link to your council’s regulations regarding tree works on our “Helpful Links” page.

Greenstate Tree Services carries out all works according to the relevant Australian Standards, Government Regulations and Industry Guidelines.

3. Can You Trust Them To Get It Right?

Can you trust the Tree Service Provider to do a good job? Do they know what they are doing? Have they given you the right price?

Many customers have come to use Greenstate Tree Services because the business they chose to do their work didn’t show up, couldn’t do the work, didn’t finish, or the job wasn’t done right. Greenstate Tree Services will not give a price over the phone. We view every job before giving you a price, so there are no surprises, because every tree is different.

Greenstate Tree Services has experience in every type of tree work, from simple pruning through to removal of dead, dangerous and difficult trees. We work in areas where there is limited access, around power lines, on building sites and in residential areas, and where necessary will even use a crane to get that job done.

Our company works for Homeowners/Occupiers, Real Estate Agents and Strata Management firms, Large Companies and Corporations as well as Government Departments. We even work for other Tree Service providers, doing the jobs that they can’t handle.

We have comprehensive policies and procedures covering OH&S, Quality Assurance, Safety, and the Environment, and our company and staff are members of many Industry Associations.

We are also registered with Trades Monitor, an organisation that verifies and maintains current information on contractors such as Insurances, Licences, Registrations, ABN Details, Workcover and OHS compliance.