Tree Lopping, Felling & Removal

Have a tree that needs to go? Greenstate Tree Services can remove it for you – we can fell any tree, in any location. Our highly skilled climbers use the latest techniques to bring down your tree piece by piece to ground level.

Pruning, Shaping, Thinning & Deadwood

We know you want your trees and hedges to be healthy and looking their best. Our trained staff will remove any dead or diseased wood and foliage, prune wayward branches, ensure your trees are beautifully shaped and your hedges clipped.

Stump Grinding

Greenstate Tree Services utilise specialised equipment to remove your tree stump below ground level and backfill with soil, so in no time at all you will be unable to tell a tree was ever in your lawn or garden.



Large, Difficult & Dangerous Trees

Greenstate Tree Services specialises in jobs that other providers simply cannot handle. Our staff utilise machinery such as Cherry Pickers and Cranes, allowing us to work on trees of any size. Our crews are trained for difficult and dangerous jobs, and can work safely and surely on sites with limited or poor access.

Storm Damage & Bush Fire Prevention
In recent years, Sydney and the Central Coast have suffered terrible storms and bushfires. Greenstate Tree Services has been very busy assisting residents and local business clean up the damage caused, removing trees and branches that have fallen or been damaged in their wake. Not only do we offer a 24 hour Emergency Service, but also advice on how to better prepare your property in advance.

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